Brynn Motal

CEA Fall 2017 MOJO Blogger
CEA Study Abroad Location: Barcelona, Spain
Home University: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Brynn Motal

Why did you choose to study abroad?
I chose to study abroad because of my love for travel and new adventures. Studying abroad allows me the opportunity to live in another country and immerse myself in a new culture for four months. Since I was young I have dreamed about studying abroad, so it was an opportunity I could not pass up. I am excited to step out of my comfort zone and study, travel, and explore in a foreign country.

Why did you choose your study abroad city?
I knew I wanted to study abroad in Spain because I have family that live there, and I am currently studying Spanish and wish to improve my language skills. I found Barcelona to be the perfect city for me to study in because of the beautiful beaches, fabled architecture, and wonderful food and culture.

What are you most looking forward to during your study abroad experience?
I am most looking forward to immersing myself into the Spanish culture, meeting new people, and traveling around Barcelona and other countries, and developing a global perspective.

Fun Fact:
A few of my favorite things are traveling, going to the beach, running, and music festivals!

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