Dana Fazziola

CEA Fall 2017 MOJO Photographer
CEA Study Abroad Location: Paris, France
Home University: Ithaca College

Dana Fazziola

Why did you choose to study abroad?
I'm working to open my own small world to the massive world around me. And, hopefully, I'll get some inkling of where I fit into it. Until then, I'm just eager to see some new places and faces.

Why did you choose your study abroad city?
I've always felt the need to live in a metropolitan city, and what better place to do that than in Paris? It's a city rich in cinematic history, and I'll be spending my down-time digging through that history while at the same time looking for inspiration for my future projects.

What are you most looking forward to during your study abroad experience?
Traveling Europe with my best friend, Sarah! We go to different universities, but arranged to study in Paris at the same time. Since we can't go to school together in New York, we thought the next-best-thing would be going to school together in a city 3,625 miles away...

Fun Fact:
Aspiring cinematographer, sometimes graphic designer, full-time nature appreciator.

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