My Trip to Costa Rica

My trip to Costa Rica was an experience of a lifetime. It not only improved my Spanish abilities drastically, it changed my life in numerous ways. Upon returning to the United States, I feel more self-confident, more independent, and more appreciative.

Costa Rica made me realize who I was as a person. The people I studied with, the experiences we had, and the Costa Rican culture helped me come to this realization. The friends that I made while abroad are friends that I will never forget and still keep in close contact with. The experiences we had range all the way from bungee jumping off the highest bridge in Costa Rica to sitting down with a Costa Rican mother to eat dinner. Regardless of what we were doing, it was always a valuable experience.
The CEA staff both onsite and in the U.S. were extraordinarily helpful and welcoming. I could not have asked or dreamed of a better study abroad experience. I would go again in a heartbeat.

– Christina Signore
  Costa Rica
  June 2009

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