Study Abroad Video Contest – Vote Now For Your Favorite

CEA has just received the final submissions for our study abroad video contest. All of the entries below are from students currently studying abroad with CEA. Now we would like to open up the vote for the best entry, please vote using the star rating on the video’s page on YouTube. The winner will receive a 15 day eurail pass or equivalent so vote early and vote often for the entry you would like to see win the prize.

The first video is from one of our students who is currently attending our Costa Rica study abroad program in San Jose.

This video is from one of students who is currently at one our study abroad Spain programs in Alicante.

A video from a few of our students who are participating in one our study abroad programs in Italy at our Florence campus.

The Last video is from a student in our Buenos Aires study abroad program.

These videos do not express the views of CEA or its agents. And are not produced by or owned by CEA

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