How to Pack for South Africa

Preparing for study abroad has been many things empowering, exhausting but most importantly exciting. I will not sit here and say it has been all rainbows and butterflies, it is time consuming and takes some patience but I can already tell it will be well worth it. Packing has been the biggest thing on my mind lately, all of the unknowns are so stressful and I am extremely nervous that I will forget something or bring the wrong types of clothes. How is one suppose to know what to bring when all they know about South Africa is from movies or the “research” I attempted before I departed!

Now lets fast forward one month…. I am now in Port Elizabeth living just like everyone else (well for the most part). All my imaginations of what people would be wearing have come full circle and now I can see it is just like everywhere else. Its casual, its dressy, its beachy, its whatever you want it to be.

Most days get pretty hot, mornings and afternoons are very comfortable and after the midday heat it can actually feel cool, this makes layers the best choice! I learned in my first two weeks that just like any other city you see all different walks of life and styles. Even though I still sometimes feel like a sore thumb, you will find your way! My biggest piece of advice is not to stress over silly things because you can always head over to the Baywest mall and pick up anything you might of forgotten!

Taylor Farro is the Spring 2016 CEA MOJO in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She is currently a junior at Stockton University in New Jersey.

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