How to Change Money in Alicante

Confused about how to get cash when you’re out and about in ALC town? Don’t stress, because it’s not difficult. When in Rome do as the Romans do (or, in this case, the Alicantians)…here are some options:


Oficina Banco

1. In the offices of Alicante’s main banks, you can change money safely. Keep in mind that banks are only open in the morning and that you will pay a fee. As for traveler’s checks, banks still accept them… but you should know that this “medieval” form of currency is not a convenient choice. La Rambla Avenue is home to Alicante’s major banks.


Cajero ATM

2. ATMs are (quite literally) everywhere. Surely your U.S. bank is associated with one of Spain’s biggest banks, BBVA and/or Santander, so withdrawing cash shouldn’t be a problem.

cambio dinero

Cambio Dinero

cartel cambio dinero

Cartel Cambio Dinero

3. Another option to change cash during the first days of your stay in Alicante are money exchange booths. They are usually open until late (way after office hours.) Pay attention to the sign noted in the photo; this indicates that you can change money inside.

So don´t worry about changing money in Alicante… it´s easy!

Alvaro Sánchez is the on-site Program Director for CEA in Alicante, Spain

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