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Food is such an important part of studying abroad, because it is an integral part of any culture. Eating my way through London and Europe is one of the things I will remember the most about my trip.

Skvaril London Set #5 Winter 2016 Aren't these waffles gorgeous!

Look at these waffles I found on Oxford Street. Almost too pretty to eat!

Be it breakfast or dessert, you can never go wrong with waffles. Here, we have some waffles I found on Oxford Street. There are so many amazing waffles in Europe, and they are all so intricately made. They are really almost too beautiful to eat, but they taste so good, I can’t help myself!

Skvaril London Set #5 Winter 2016 It wouldn't be London without fish and chips

It wouldn’t be London without some fish and chips!

Fish and chips are something that I came to London needing to try. When someone thinks about England, they think about fish and chips. There are fish and chips everywhere! I had to get over calling them fries, but I think I have finally caught on.

Skvaril London Set #5 Winter 2016 Pasta is very popular in London!

Some great pasta from a local restaurant.

One thing that I love most about London is how many different types of food there are. It is such a diverse place and that really shows in the food. I have had the opportunity to experience so many different cultures without even leaving the city.

Skvaril London Set #5 Winter 2016 Many people eat outside of restaurants and cafes even when it's cold

Many people eat outside even when it’s cold.

A lot of people in London eat outside even when it’s cold or rainy out! It is nice because there are so many people out and about.

Skvaril London Set #5 Winter 2016 Friends meet inside coffee shops to discuss things like, new books that they have been enjoying

Many people read and exchange books with their friends in cafes.

There are so many amazing cafes and coffee shops in London, and many people stake out a table and sit in them all day. It has been really cool to find my favorites and become a regular!

Celia Skvaril is the Spring 2016 CEA MOJO Photographer in London, England. She is currently a junior at DePaul University.

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