It’s Official: Your Future Self Will Thank You

So it’s official: You now have MORE options with CEA to grow your skills with an international company and set your resume apart when you intern abroad!

Maybe you’re planning on a summer internship abroad in London. Or, you’re deciding between a semester internship in Barcelona or Seville (or Rome, Florence, Prague, Paris and Dublin!). Even if you aren’t quite sure of the location, and are just looking to see what’s out there for 2017 internships abroad, this is for you!

Reality: We know you have questions about the process, how soon you need to get started and other details–we’re here to help you through the process!

Check out the recap with CEA team members, Justin (Admissions Counselor) and Cynthia (Manager, Internships Abroad), to help answer your questions, and then speak with a CEA Admissions Counselor for next steps.

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