First week in London

You’ve just packed your entire life into a couple of suitcases, left all your family and friends at home, and traveled half way around the world to a foreign city with foreign people. In words, this experience sounds absolutely terrifying. In real life, this experience is magical and life-changing to say the least. Thanks to the wonderful CEA staff based in London, feeling right at home will take no time at all and you’ll be longing for them and this place before you know it.

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Big Ben is as breathtaking as I imagined

From the CEA airport pickup to helping you find the best sushi in town, the CEA team will be your go-to resource for everything. Although the mandatory CEA health and safety orientations may seem a bit lackluster, they really provide you with invaluable knowledge. The remainder of the first week is filled with a variety of activities that get you acclimated with the city and your new pals.

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Some of the CEA gang during the week

The first fun event of the week was a scavenger hunt around the historical Westminster neighborhood. Incredible views of the London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the skyline, and much more were features along this challenging and educational adventure. Luckily, a few answers to the questions could only be found in some of London’s famed pubs (my team may have stopped at these spots a little longer than necessary). The trip concluded with half a pint and a delicious traditional meal at one of England’s oldest pubs, The Red Lion.

study abroad, studying abroad, study abroad in London

Our favorite stop on the treasure hunt-The Sherlock Holmes

Later in the week, we hopped aboard a vintage double decker bus that took us to the most picturesque spots in London. Our lovely tour guide knew so much about each and every street and district. The history of this city is just incredible. The perfect blend of old and new, London is a colorful quilt composed of diverse people and rich culture. This tour helped all of us gain a sense of just how intertwined the city is. There’s so much that I could say about each and every place we toured, but I think you’ll just need to discover this place for yourself.

study abroad, studying abroad, study abroad in London

Our knowledgable tour guide outside our sweet ride

Other friends that I’ve made on this trip have organized their study abroad experience with a different company or by themselves and I can honestly say that they’re all jealous of our CEA fam. Not only do you have an instant group of new BFFs through CEA, but also amazing excursions already on your calendar.  I’ve only been here a little over a week and I feel like I’ve done enough things to last me a lifetime.

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No filter needed for Tower Bridge at sunset

Caitlyn B. is the Spring 2017 MOJO Blogger in London, England. She is currently a Junior studying Communications & Media at DePaul University.


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