A Day in Èze

One of my absolute favorite weekends here was our CEA excursion to Nice and Monte Carlo. Picturesque beaches, the famed Nice Carnival, and a night out in Monte Carlo that lived up to my wildest dreams. But the part of this trip that stands out most in my memory, one of the most stunning landscapes I’ve ever experienced, was our short stop in Èze on the way home. I had no idea that this town existed. Writing about it almost feels like I’m whispering a secret. This little village, made of winding streets with little shops and houses pushed close together, tucked snugly into the side of a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, is truly a surreal gem. I’ve compiled some clips from our fleeting moment in Èze, and only hope I’ll see it again.

Sarah S. is the Spring 2017 MOJO Blogger in Aix-en-Provence, France. She is currently a Sophomore studying English Non Fiction Writing & French at University of Pittsburgh.

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