CEA Student Campus: Barcelona

Here is a short clip of what life is like at CEA in Barcelona. As you can see the classrooms and class sizes are pretty small. Allowing  you to connect with your professors and classmates a little more than the large classes at your home university. It also allows you to do some more in-depth projects like the one in this video, which was a “Shark Tank” project where everyone got a partner and presented a new idea asking the class for start up money. Things like this don’t happen at your home university and these experiences have helped me learn a lot about business.

As you can see in the video the CEA center is also in a great location (Plaza Catalunya) right in the heart of Barcelona. It’s a super nice area with tons of shops and places to eat. It is a little touristy which can make it pretty busy at times but it’s only about a 10-minute metro to the beach!

Riley D is the Spring 2017 MOJO blogger for Barcelona, Spain. He is currently a Junior at Washington State University studying Finance.

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