Complete a Blog Post in WordPress

WordPress Written Directions

View the video version here.


  • Dashboard pops up—feel free to hide anything on the dashboard main screen, as you won’t need it


Creating a New Post

  • Go to “Posts” and “Add new” on the left column
  • The compose window will pop up


Blog Post Creation Checklist

  • Post Title: Something descriptive, relevant and catchy
  • Blog Content: Enter your content in the section below the title (large white box). You can format similar to how you would in Word. For the blog post, we’ll stick to a standard font, font size and color for readability.
  • Byline: At the end of your post, don’t forget your byline with this format: [Insert your first and first initial of your last name] is the Spring 2018 CEA MOJO [Blogger/Photographer] in [insert your CEA city], [country]. He/She is currently a [insert your year in school] studying [insert your major] at [insert your university name].
    • Example: Hanna N. is the Spring 2018 CEA MOJO Blogger in London, England. She is currently a Junior studying Marketing & Economics at University of Michigan.


  • Categories (right column): Only choose your host country
  • Tags (right column): Insert the below list into the tags column
        • [Your city]
        • [Your country]
        • CEA
        • CEA Study Abroad
        • study abroad
        • study abroad in [your city]
        • study abroad in [your country]
        • Spring 2018 MOJO in [your city]
        • [your major/area of study]
        • Example: London, England, CEA, CEA Study Abroad, study abroad, study abroad in London, study abroad in England, Spring 2018 MOJO in London, Marketing, Economics
Adding Photos to your Post
  • Click “Add Media” below the title


  • Select “upload files” under the “Insert Media” heading



  • Close out of this window when your photos are done uploading.
  • Go to the section in your blog that you want to insert a photo.
  • Select “Insert Media” again and “check” the photo you want to insert there. Select “Insert into post.”
  • Click on that photo and select the pencil icon in the top left corner.



  • Update your photo with the following:
    • Caption: Description you would like included in your post (e.g., Casually climbing Prague Town Hall Tower for the view of Old Town Prague)
    • Alt Text: study abroad, studying abroad, study abroad in (your study abroad city)
    • Format your picture with “Display Settings.”
  • Set Featured Image:
    • Optional Header Image Graphic: display your graphic design skills with a fancy header image. This is entirely optional, but elevates your blog posts among the professionals’. See examples blow:
    • Please follow the directions below to create a blog graphic (or use Photoshop or a preferred design software).
      1. Create an account on
      2. Go to “create a design” then click “more
      3. Choose Blog Graphic size (800x width 1200px height) Fun fact: this size blog graphic has been tested to have the highest click through rate.
      4. Use your design skills to make an awesome graphic
        1. If you use a photo, make sure you use an original photo by uploading it into the “uploads” section
      5. You can download by clicking on the top right button.

Final Review & Submission

  • Previewing what your blog will look like
    • Note: The layout version of your post will look different than the actual version (e.g. paragraph and photo spacing).
    • Preview by clicking on the ‘Preview’ button in the top left sidebar of your draft


  • Saving Options (upper right corner on compose screen)
    • Save: Automatically saves post in “Draft” status and allows you to save and come back to edit later.
    • Submit: When you’re ready to submit a completed post, you’ll select “edit” next to “Status,” in the drop-down, choose, “Pending Review,” then the “OK” button. You’ll see the “Save as Pending Review” button appear, click that and then you’re done. The social media team will then receive a notification, proofread it and schedule it into the content calendar.

Congrats on completing a post! Watch the blog for it to be posted and then share it out on your social media account(s) (using #ceaAbroad) after the post has been published on to fulfill your social media requirements. Or, use a photo from your post on Instagram if you’re completing one of your Instagram posts.

Questions/Concerns? Email the MOJO Program Coordinator!

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