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It can be difficult to tell stories through a selection of photos, and even more so when you are in a new country and learning a new culture, not to mention choosing only ten photos. Below,  you’ll find some great resources and tips for taking travel photos and capturing the culture and memories in your new home.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Pro tip: Utilize those golden hours and play with light. As hard as it is to wake up the hour before sunset, this might be the best time to capture the Duomo or the beach by avoiding the crowds.

Tips for Improving your Photos

Do Your Research

Pro Tip: Researching your destination, choosing an overall concept that creates a theme for your journey and applying your skills to show a sense of place. Discover the variety and pacing of pictures that are essential to bringing your picture story to life with power and authenticity.

Capturing Culture Through Photos

Add Some Human Element

Pro Tip: Buildings are great, beaches are great, mountains are great, but think about what made you want to study abroad in the first place. Was it the people, the cafes you could regular, the places you could relax? Capture the places you fell in love with, the parts of your new culture you’ve made connections with. Capture the Londoners doing British things, the Spaniards doing Spanish things.

National Geographic Travel Photography Tips

Get off the Beaten Path

Pro Tip: You’ve seen about a thousand photos of Prague Square, six thousand photos of the Colosseum, and probably twelve thousand photos of the Eiffel Tower. Odds are, you’re not hanging out at those places on a daily basis, so show us what it looks like to walk to school or out to dinner.

20 Photography Tips Every Travel Photographer Must Know

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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