Organize your Photos & Videos in Google Drive

Both MOJO Bloggers & Photographers will upload their original photos and videos to our shared Google Drive folder (link emailed to you). Here’s how:

1. Log into your Google Drive and find our shared folder. You’ll find your tracking sheet in this folder.

2. When you are ready to upload your photos or videos, create a new folder. Each new blog post and photo set will get it’s own folder, that way it is easy for us to search and find your amazing photos!


Create a new folder for each blog post

3. Follow the following naming convention for your folders. Super simple!

“[Airport code] – [Blog/Photo Set #] – [Blog/Photo Set post title]” For example, the folder for my first blog will be: LHR – Blog 1 – 5 Places You Need to Visit in London or LHR – Photo Set 1 – Top Places to visit in London

Like I said, super simple!

Code Location
AIX Aix-en-Provence
ALC Alicante
BCN Barcelona
BER Berlin
EZE Buenos Aires
DUB Dublin
FLR Florence
GNB French Alps: Grenoble
SPA French Riv: Antibes
GWY Galway
GRX Granada
LHR London
MAD Madrid
CDG Paris
PRG Prague
FCO Rome
SJO San José
SVQ Seville
SHA Shanghai
KNA Viña del Mar

Now you can add your photos or video to your folder. Here’s a reminder of the requirements.

4. When you add your raw files, you’ll name them similarly to the blog folder titles. We want to make them searchable for our designers to use in other marketing materials (and to give you credit for your hard work as a MOJO!) Here’s the naming convention:

“[Airport code] [term] [First Initial & Last name] [image decriptor]” For example, a photo that is in my “5 Places you Need to Visit in London” will be titled, “LHR Spring18 HNeitzke Portrait Museum 1”

Be sure to name all your photos!

5. Renaming files in Google Drive folders is very simple:

Right click on the photo title you want to rename


Renaming your photo

Be sure to be descriptive in your titles

That’s it! Thanks for all your hard work!

Tip: You can title your videos the same way.

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