Diversify your Portfolio

You’ve seen it in Buzzfeed, and in Elite Daily: you’re scrolling through articles, but end up getting bored pretty quickly. Why? Because it’s all the same thing. Your writing is going to help your resume and portfolio, so make it count. Show your future employer that you have that adaptable skill they’re looking for. Write a listicle like Buzzfeed and a journal entry like Elite Daily, but whatever you do: own it.

Here’s how:

The Internet Will Thank You


Great for posts about your new home when you;re recommending places to go and see and what to do.

Understand Your Audience 

Think about it. What piece of information were you missing before you landed? Let your readers (future study abroad students) know what its really like to be in this place.

Show Your Story

Tell your audience a story by showing them, not telling them what you think they need to hear or what you know about your subject (and stay away from writing in the first person).

Think in 140-characters or less

Remember in elementary school when we were learning how to write an essay? The teacher would always tell us to hook the readers in the first sentence. Well, that is still true today, with the digital age, readers are thinking in Twitter post-length tweets. It is a gift to be concise, so practice it, get the readers engaged, but also don’t waste their time.

Awesome CEA Blogs (for Inspiration)

The Interview

The Listicle

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