Photographer Topic List

As a MOJO Photographer, you’ll submit 7 photo sets and 2 videos in total throughout your semester abroad (your videos and 2 photo sets will be turned into a blog post with a small written component). Due dates vary depending on your program, you can find your personal timeline in your tracking sheet on Google. The most important thing to remember when you’re creating your content: Have fun with it!

Topic List A

Tell your story

THIS TOPIC IS REQUIRED: How has your personal outlook changed now that you are abroad and have experienced the world? Visually tell the story of your study abroad or internship abroad journey. What you loved, what you learned, what you would recommend, would you do it again?

Slice of Life

THIS TOPIC IS REQUIRED: follow multiple people or someone around your city. What are they doing? What do they see? What are they trying, tasting, seeing, feeling? Make sure you cats some action, like walking. The challenge: you cannot take a photo of their face, only behind or beside them.

For Example


What were your first thoughts when landing in your new home and settling in your dorm/apartment/homestay? Did you have any “international trip/embarking on a new journey jitters?” Show us your transition into [insert host country] culture?

Favorite Places in [your city]

Show and describe your top 3–5 local places, restaurants, parks, cafes, etc. in your host city that you’d recommend to future students.

CEA Excursions

Show us the excursions you experience abroad as part of the CEA program. What are you doing? Where are you going? What was the experience like? What did you like most? What impacted you most? The opportunities with this type of post are endless—get creative!

Culture Shock

Reflect upon your most memorable/challenging/funny/interesting/etc. cultural barrier situation you’ve experienced in your time abroad thus far, and how you worked your way through it.

Fashion Forward How-To

Show us the culturally appropriate way to dress in your host city and how future students should take this into account when thinking about or packing for their adventure in [host city].

Learning from the Locals

Craft a post about the most interesting, influential, or memorable local you have met and why you feel this way about this local individual. Show them in their natural element and what makes them quintessentially [host culture].


As your time abroad comes to a close, reflect on your experiences. What did you learn? Did you change? What new skills or ideas will you take home? How will study abroad impact your future? What do you wish you knew before going abroad?

Other Topic Ideas
  • Art abroad: Museums, street art, graffiti, etc.
  • Tips for traveling abroad
  • Navigating public transportation (or your host city in general)
  • Making friends with international students
  • Student life in your host city
  • Life in a homestay
  • Making CEA housing feel like home
  • Small victories: Accomplishments in your new life abroad
  • A local recipe
  • Tips to stay physically and mentally healthy abroad
  • Have a creative idea that isn’t listed? Please submit to your CEA contact via e-mail for approval

Topic List B

Being a [Your Major] Major in [Your Location]

THIS TOPIC IS REQURED: How does study abroad help enhance your area of study? How has it enhanced your view of your area of study? Why did you choose to study that major? Have you learned anything new?

Academics & Classes

What are your classes like? What’s it like going to school in another country and how does it compare you school at home? Was it easy to adjust? What are you studying and how does it benefit your degree to be studying there?


CEA Cultural Engagement Activities

Is your CEA group learning how to make pasta together? Or maybe your CEA staff is leading a walking tour of your city’s best street art. Whatever the CEA activity is, share what it was like to participate in local activities! What are you doing? Where are you going? What did you like most? What impacted you most?

Interning or Working Abroad

THIS TOPIC IS REQUIRED IF YOU ARE AN INTERN: Are you participating in an internship or working while you’re abroad? Know another CEA student who is? Share that experience (what it looks like, how it’s impacted the student, what their responsibilities are, etc.). Showcase this opportunity for future students.

Volunteer Experiences

Are you planning on volunteering while abroad? Show us! Where are you volunteering? What type of activities will you be doing? How do you think your volunteer experience will impact your experience abroad (or how has it impacted your experience abroad)? Give us a firsthand glimpse into your volunteer program.

Share Your Connection to Your Study Abroad City

Did it start before you arrived and that’s why you selected your particular city? Show us that experience. Maybe you made a connection after living there, such as people you see every day (e.g., your fruit and veggie vendor or the person who makes your coffee).

CEA On-site Suggestions

Your CEA on-site team may suggest topics they need help covering.

Topic List C (video only)

A Day in the Life

What is a typical day of classes like for you? Share your class types, class format and experiences you’ve had so far on the “studying” part of your CEA study abroad experience.


Create Your Own Walking Tour

Create your own walking tour of your host city, including places to stop and see, restaurants to try, museums to tour, etc., along the way

Walk in My Shoes

Take a walk around your host city and show us the sensory details to describe what you see, smell, taste, touch, etc., while on your walk.

Music Abroad

Describe the local music scene abroad. How is it similar to the U.S.? How is it different? What types of music are popular? Does your destination abroad have an interesting music scene?

Please note you can also use any of topic lists A and B for your video submissions.

Have a different idea?

Let me know beforehand and I’ll consider it for approval.

Questions/Concerns? Email the MOJO Program Coordinator!

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