How To: Complete Your Tracking Sheet

The Blogger and Photographer tracking sheets look slightly different, here is a general step-by-step guide to help you complete your MOJO tracking sheet.

Logging your Blog posts or Photo Sets

In our shared Google Drive folder, you’ll find a Document titled “MOJO Blogger Tracking Sheet – [Your Name].” The first page is where you will log your submitted work (blog posts for Bloggers & photo sets for photographers).

Page 1 of your MOJO Tracking Sheet

Logging your social media shares

On the 2nd page is where you will include screenshots of your social media shares per week.

Page 2 of your MOJO Tracking Sheet

 Adding a Screenshot

1. Click on the cell in which you would like to add your screenshot, then click on “Insert” on the top menu ribbon. When the drop down menu opens, select “Image.”


Find where your would like to add your screenshot

2. Drag and drop or find your screenshot to add to the cell.


Add your image

3. Fill out the rest of the row (date and platform)

As your semester abroad progresses, you will need to add weeks to your social media tracking table, please add as needed.

Note: If you choose to do a Snapchat takeover for one of your social media engagements, you do not need to add a screenshot.

Program Reviews

Part of your MOJO program is filling out a few program reviews on different websites. You can find the links for these review sites in the last table of the tracking sheet. You can use your reviews as social media shares, if you choose to do so, follow the same rules for



  • Please note that some topics (found in your respective topic lists) are required for you to cover
  • The tracking sheet is not due until your last week as a MOJO, but it is helpful to fill in throughout your semester
  • Snapchat takeovers may count as one social media engagement
  • One review may count as one social media engagement (however, all 3 reviews are required for completion of the program
  • More questions? Email The MOJO Program Coordinator!

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