Home Away From Home

This is our door from the inside of our apartment. I love how it is wooden and antique-like.This is our dining room table.


Door to the Loft

This is an aerial view of our kitchen space taken above from our loft. We have a washer and dish washer stored underneath the kitchen top.Then to the right is our refrigerator.

Areal view of the kitchen

Quaint eating area

Here is our loft which has two chairs a table stand and then not pictured is the TV.

loft upstairs

Upstairs in the loft is a small lounge area

Here you can get a glimpse of how I decorated my room to make it feel homier for me.Here is a close up of my desk. I like to be very organized. The room came with two bulletin boards, which I decorated with pictures that I brought from home. I also hung up a tapestry to add some color.

overview of room

Making my room more homey


Organization is very important I added a close-up of another tapestry that I have in my room with my little cactus lights hanging up. I love cactuses, so this makes my room feel more like a home then just a place I am living in for 4 months.


Some desert light in Florence

The closets are huge here which is super nice, because you are store various things in them.


Closet space is a commodity

Here is my little bathroom!Mostly in Italy, there are no dryers. To dry your clothes, you can either hang them to dry in your home or freshly dry them outside. I prefer to dry them outside.


Italian bathroom.

Hoped you enjoyed looking at home I decorated my apartment to make it feel more like a home, then just a place I am living in for 4 months!


Haley H. is the Fall 2017 MOJO Photographer and international intern in Florence, Italy. She is currently a Junior studying Photography at University of Arizona.

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