Being a Creative Major Studying Abroad in Paris

At Chapman University, I am currently in my third year studying news and documentary production. At first, I wanted to be a broadcast journalist, reporting live news, and sitting at the anchor desk looking into the camera. I’m not sure when exactly it happened, but I realized I was more intrigued in being behind the camera. I became less interested in reporting on news that changes every minute and more interested in in-depth creative storytelling.

My first of three self-portraits for my photography class. Rouen, France

Upon arriving to Paris, each street, each shop, each person here could easily be a compelling photograph. Everywhere you go, there are beautiful landmarks, rich in history. Overlooked objects like park benches and cigarettes in a puddle become masterpieces in my eyes. One of the major reasons I chose to study abroad in Paris was to, of course, push myself out of my comfort zone, but even more so, I wanted to discover and develop my creativity. Every Monday morning to start off my week, I have my photography class: Photography in Paris. It gets my creative juices flowing and motivates me to keep taking photos everywhere I go. With camera in hand, I can begin to tell my own story of the way I see Paris.


Enjoying some coffee after a day of classes at CEA.

One of the most important things to do as a photography student, is to always have your camera with you. I have never left my apartment without it since I’ve been here. Even for small tasks like going grocery shopping, you may encounter something beautiful, something striking, or just something that catches your eye.


Reflections of a Parisian day.

While out shooting, the one thing that always intrigues me are the reflective windows in Paris. Most shops have mirror-like windows for their shops. This creates interesting symmetry, a unique look to an otherwise ordinary photo. As I am building my portfolio of my time abroad, this theme of “Reflections in Paris” will be a prominent influence on my work.


Painting Paris with color.

Overall, there is definitely no lack of inspiration in the city of Paris. Exhibitions and museums left and right, street fashion on the metro, and the thoughtful architecture make Paris a huge canvas that can be captured and interpreted in so many ways.

My roommate and I exploring Rouen, France.

Leah D. is the Fall 2017 CEA MOJO Blogger in Paris, France. She is currently a Junior studying News & Documentary Production at Chapman University.

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