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I am sure many college students can relate to sitting in a ginormous lecture hall, being taught a subject you have no interest in, taught by a teacher that will never even know your name. It can be hard to stay engaged in such a classroom setting, however, that is not the case at CEA Barcelona Center.

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Statue I pass by on my walk to CEA.

CEA provides a multitude of class options ranging anywhere from Business and Sports Marketing to Fashion, I am sure that you can find more than enough interesting and relevant classes to fill your schedule. Don’t worry, they are taught in English. Although, if you are looking to take your foreign language skills to the next level CEA offers numerous levels of Spanish courses that are taught solamente en Español (only in Spanish).

 study abroad, studying abroad, study abroad in Barcelona

Cathedral in the Gothic District, just a few blocks from CEA.

Not only does CEA provide an excellent selection of courses for students to choose from, but the class sizes are also very small, maximizing the learning environment. My class sizes range anywhere between 6 to 25 students. I know that can sound intimidating, but in creates an atmosphere that encourages participation and conversation. With students coming together from all over the world, it creates unique learning environment and sparks exciting conversations that make you want to contribute in the classroom. If you are nervous about meeting people in Barcelona, don’t be; the small class sizes allow face-to-face interaction, which make you comfortable and friendly with your classmates very quickly. Not to mention how encouraging and well educated each of the professors are, bringing a unique perspective to the classroom with their different cultural backgrounds.

Lunch at one of my favorite cafes, Brunch & Cake, in between classes.

My favorite aspect of CEA are the field studies, due to the school’s prime location in the heart of Barcelona, Plaça de Catalunya, which provides so much historical value and we are able to make the city our classroom. As a class, we get to take your studies outside the traditional classroom setting and get first hand experience with the subjects you are learning about. This week, in my Contemporary Architecture class, we were discussing the magnificent works of Antoni Gaudí, to enhance our learning we were able to walk down the street and visit Casa Milà, popularly known as ‘La Pedrera’, one of Gaudí’s most ambitious works. You sure can’t do that when you are studying in the United States!

 study abroad, studying abroad, study abroad in Barcelona

My architecture professor teaching us about La Pedrera.

study abroad, studying abroad, study abroad in Barcelona

Outside of Gaudí’s La Padrera.










CEA’s location in heart of Barcelona provides the ideal location for both studying and adventuring in the heart of the city. Whether you are grabbing a quick café con leche (how coffee is ordered in Barcelona) and croissant in between classes, or taking a trip to see some of Gaudí’s world-renowned architecture, the opportunities are endless!

Brynn M. is the Fall 2017 MOJO Blogger in Barcelona, Spain. She is currently a Junior studying Communication at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

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