One Week, a Whole Lot of Highlights

In Buenos Aires, there is never a moment of nothing to do or to see.

You can get a taste of the eventful nature of the city in these 2 minutes of footage I recorded in one week of exploring by foot, bike, bus, and subway. Who needs a car anyway? Every block is lined with cafes, resto-bars, shops, fruit & veg vendors, and of course kioscos (kiosks, you guessed it!).

Excursions with both the class and with the whole CEA program are frequent and fun. We learned all the different types of coffees on our cafe excursion with the Culture of Food & Wine class; we attended an incredible tango dinner show with the CEA program. We’re learning all parts of the rich Argentine culture.

With my free time after class and on the weekends, then, I just let my feet surprise me with where they take me… Always exciting!

Viv S. is the Fall 2017 MOJO Photographer in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is currently a Sophomore studying Sociology at University of San Diego.

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