Hidden Home Comforts

There are a number of “comfort items” that I didn’t realize were so important to me until being away from them for this long. We all have our specific cravings and passions, which may or may not be available outside of the United States, and it’s amazing the joy they are capable of producing.

What are your comfort items that you most enjoy?

I am fortunate to have found 5 of my own comfort items here, 7000 miles away from home, in the city of Buenos Aires… and what joy they bring!

Matcha Latte (in a 12 oz mug!)

study abroad, studying abroad in Buenos Aires

Matcha Latte at Estilo

Coffee culture here is opposite the US in a lot of ways (that topic is for another day!), one being that most drinks do not come bigger than 8 oz. Matcha (green tea) is my favorite in a latte but is a rare find, even in many states in the US.

Snuggle buddies!

study abroad, studying abroad in Buenos Aires

My homestay

I am so grateful that my host mom here has a very snuggly cat, a labrador just like mine at home, and even 3 little turtles!

Kefir (close enough to kombucha!)

study abroad, studying abroad in Buenos Aires

Probiotic drink fix

I have a serious love for kombucha. Back home I drink kombucha everyday, anywhere, and anytime. Unfortunately I have not found much kombucha at all outside the US, but I did find kefir here at a small health food store to enjoy.


study abroad, studying abroad in Buenos Aires

Wild airplants

I have a special connection with airplants (tillandsia) because I had my own little airplant business back in San Diego selling my crafted decorations with these plant species. In the US they are only sold in certain nurseries, but here they grow in the wild everywhere!

Vegan Pesto Sandwich (and nitro cold brew coffee)

study abroad, studying abroad in Buenos Aires

My kind of sandwich!

This cafe here has multiple comfort foods of mine: pesto (surprisingly hard to find in the cuisine here), sprouted bread (I am annoyingly particular about my bread, yes), and nitro cold brew coffee (a very San Diego sort of thing — Buenos Aires is not so into cold brew)!

How happy these “simple” things made me when I encountered them so far away from home… It’s the little things!

Viv S. is the Fall 2017 MOJO Photographer in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is currently a Sophomore studying Sociology at University of San Diego.

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