A Vegetarian in Spain

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When I first told people that I would be studying abroad in Spain I received many comments along the lines of “you’re vegetarian,” as if I had forgotten. I had read up about Spain and the fact did indeed keep popping up that the Spanish were a people who took pride in their Iberian ham and Mediterranean seafood, especially in the more traditional city of Seville. As a vegetarian, this was a bit unnerving. After months of reading blogs and hearing comments from friends, I had pretty much become at peace with the fact that would certainly not eat for the entire four months I was abroad.

This was wrong. I will admit it can be difficult at times because the vegetarian options are not what we’re used to in America but the key is to be open to try new combinations. I have found my favorite vegetarian Spanish dishes and vegetarian friendly restaurants and my señora makes wonderfully healthy dishes for our casa of vegetarian and vegan roommates.

study abroad, studying abroad, study abroad in Seville

The first meal our house mom made for us

Places to go

Arte y Sabor

Head to the hipster part of town, Alameda, for vegetarian tapas heaven. Arte y Sabor has so many options to choose from that either are vegetarian/vegan or can easily be altered so that they are. Among the options are beet salmorejo, Spanish potato salad, spinach or mushroom croquettes, and a variety of other salads.


If you are craving some whole, raw ingredients, look no further than MilkAway located conveniently close to the Seville CEA center. They have smoothies, salads, and sandwiches perfect for a quick break between classes. You can customize everything and their fruits and vegetables are so fresh. It is a popular American student destination so the employees do speak English very well but I really enjoy going here because they will always be patient and help you with your Spanish if you want to practice!

study abroad, studying abroad, study abroad in seville

Acai Bowl from MilkAway

Ovejas Negras

A modern tapas bar with fusion plates. They have some vegetarian options that are so delicious and different from the vegetarian options in the rest of the city: vegetarian moussaka (I highly reccommend), mushroom risotto, aubergine sandwich, and more. Get there early! This place fills up fast for dinner.

Dishes to try

Patatas bravas: Essentially home fries with mayo and spicy ketchup but so delicious and comforting

study abroad, studying abroad, study abroad in Seville

Patatas bravas – my favorite!

Salmorejo: creamy and garlicky cold soup, great as a dipping sauce for fried eggplant

Croquettas (with vegetables, not meat): Mostly done with meat on the inside but certain places will make them with just creamy vegetables inside the fried outer coating

Tortilla Española: an omelet with potatoes and sometimes other little add ins such as spinach or onions and eaten for lunch or dinner, not breakfast!

I am happy to say that, as my house mom taught us, I am “satisfecho” after every meal here in Seville…even as a vegetarian.

study abroad, studying abroad, study abroad in Seville

Calle Hernando Colon – the street where both Ovejas Negras and MilkAway are located

Nicole F. is the Fall 2017 CEA MOJO Blogger in Seville, Spain. She is currently a Junior studying Mass Communication and Spanish at Towson University.

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