Cooking Class in Florence

CEA offers a variety of fun and cultural academic activities. I decided to take part in the cooking class offered to us. It was a three hour class, but defiantly worth it. We started out by creating the ‘dough’ for our fresh pasta. All you need to make fresh pasta is eggs, flour and a little bit of salt.

Getting Started


Letting the pasta dough rest

Were chefs

Cutting the pasta

There is never enough pasta

While the ‘dough’ was resting, we started to work on our appetizer which was an eggplant souffle.

Buon Appetito


While the eggplant souffle baked in the oven, we started to work on the Ragu for our fresh pasta. Fun Fact: in Italy, you will find Ragu on the menu instead of Bolognese. They are very different from each other. To me, Ragu reminds me more of chili because it is much thicker and more chunkier like chili. While Bolognese, it mostly just meat and more liquid.

Making Ragu

While the ragu was cooking, we started to make our dessert which was a delicious Chocolate Souffle. I highly recommend that you take every opportunity to do all the fun activities that CEA offers at the location you are studying abroad in!

Chocolate Dream

Hard work pays off: Chocolate Souffle


Haley H. is the Fall 2017 MOJO Photographer and international intern in Florence, Italy. She is currently a Junior studying Photography at University of Arizona.

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