CEA Florence takes on Cinque Terre

After the first full week of school, CEA took us on a little day trip to Cinque Terre. The students who signed up to go met the CEA Florence staff at the Santa Maria Novella around 8 am.


Colorful Cinque Terre

Under the Umbrellas

Calm Mediterranean

From there, we hopped on the busses and drove to the first of the five cities that make up Cinque Terre. Once we got to Riomaggiore, we got on the local train that takes you back and forth to the 5 cities.


It’s true what they say, Italy really does have the best food.

Everywhere you turn is a masterpiece

Color is everywhere

Stopping for a treat is easy when you wind through the streets

My friends and I took advantage of being in Cinque Terre for the day and got an Air BnB for the night, so we could further explore the cities the next day. Many students also did the same. Take advantage of every opportunity that CEA offers to you! You will not regret it!

Still colorful even with the grey skies

CEA for the win

Fruit is as colorful as the city

Haley H. is the Fall 2017 MOJO Photographer and international intern in Florence, Italy. She is currently a Junior studying Photography at University of Arizona.

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