Coffee in the Districts of Prague   

Okay, I don’t know about you, but I LOVE coffee. Like 4+ cups of coffee a day. I know it’s a bit obsessive but once you come to Prague you’ll understand why. Back in the States, I would have my morning coffee when I woke up. My roommates and I would take turns waking up first and making a pot and then go about our days, I might have stopped at Starbucks or The Market on Larimer Square. back in Denver, CO where I attended university but that was about it for my coffee consumption- until I came to Prague.

Prague is truly a magical place, I’m not just saying that because I lived here for a year during my studies or because I returned to Prague as an On-Site Ambassador but because everyone I have met who’s traveled and studied abroad and came to Prague during that time, has fallen in love with this captivating city. Some have even returned and moved here to teach English. This city will steal your heart within the first few hours of landing.

View of Malá Strana from The Dancing House

What makes Prague so special is the sections or districts of Prague. You might have heard of Prague 1, 2, 3, and 5 or the different districts names: Malá Strana/Staré Město, Vinohrady & Vzšehrad, Žižkov, and Smíchov respectively. There are many other up-and-coming districts in Prague like Karlin in Prague 8, not far from Žižkov, but these are the areas that CEA students live in.

Vyšehrad (Prague 2) from across the Vlata

Prague 1

Malá Strana/Staré Město or Prague 1 encompasses Prague Castle and Old Town Square. You have many old noble palaces, AAU is right at the foot of the castle, the Lennon Wall, Beethoven’s house, the Estates Theater where Don Giovanni premiered in 1787 (by Mozart himself!), Strahov Monastery, red brick roofs and so much more. The famous Prague author Franz Kafka spent his entire life living in this area, mostly in and around Old Town Square. So, Where do you get your morning buzz?

Looking out onto Lady Tryn in Prague 1

EMA Espresso Bar, a small shop with limited seating, but perfect for grabbing a cup of coffee of any kind, sitting with a friend for a bit and then exploring some more. 

Cafe Cacaoperfect for breakfast with friends on the weekend or after class. Located on the corner of Náměstí Republiky, it’s a prime location for people watching, or doing some homework!

Prague 2

The Vinohrady and Vyzšehrad area is beautiful, you start getting into the more residential area of Prague. Vyšehrad, once a castle is located on the other side of the river that has a beautiful fortress filled with trees, gardens, and spectacular views of Prague no matter where you are. OK, time for a pick me up

Monolok Cafe with a good book and cup of coffee is all you need

Monolok Cafe‘s quiet atmosphere makes it perfect for going with a friend getting coffee and a bie to eat. I could spend hours in there with a book reading, writing papers, and doing homework. If you go right when they open on the weekends you might need a reservation but if you wait until 12:30-1ish you should be fine just walking in!

I Need Coffee!, this place is very small, I mean little to no seating at all, there is one table and a few stools to sit on. This place is perfect for just going and getting a coffee while you’re out and about wandering in Prague 2. It is right near the Karlovo Náměstí metro stop near Palackého Náměstí.

Kavárna Čekárna. With an outdoor seating area, this cafe is perfect for a nice day to read a book, chat with friends, or do homework. I didn’t know about this place when I was here for my studies but it quickly became a new favorite of mine when I came back as an On-Site Ambassador! 

Fall Sunday Afternoon at Expresso Bar in Žižkov

Prague 3

Žižkov has the JZP TV tower that you can see from practically anywhere in the city. This was built by the Soviets during Communism, while it may be one of the ugliest buildings in Prague, it is a piece of history that lives on. David Černý’s famous bronze babies scale the building adding a little bit of charm and culture. Žižkov is also known for being one of the areas that many expats gravitate towards when they move to Prague. My favorite coffee shop here is coffee room. Though it is small like the others it is perfect for sitting outside or inside and enjoying one of the best latte’s I’ve ever had.

Prague 5

Smíchov is where the Czechs go for everything. One of the malls is located in Prague 5, as well as banks, grocery stores, and restaurants. I’ve also been lucky to call this area my home, both during my year abroad but also as an On-Site Ambassador. So where do you go when you need a cup?

Click Cafe getting coffee, meeting friends to catch up or just grabbing a quick bite and cup of coffee before returning to work.

In front of Andel Metro sign (Prague 5) and Pink House <3

For the last couple of years, Prague has also hosted a Coffee Festival where vendors come from all over. You can learn about different blends and roasts. I wasn’t able to attend this year but I urge anyone who is in Prague to go. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the coffee or one the different districts you’ll be living in, in Prague.

Here is where I found some of my favorite coffee shops in Prague, others I have found on my own adventures or was recommended to go to by a family friend living in here Prague!

Noa B. is a CEA On-Site Ambassador in Prague. She studiedCommunications at University of Colorado – Denver and studied abroad in Prague with CEA in Fall 2015.If you’d like to learn more about the ambassador program, here is more information.



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