My Study Abroad Story: Where I’ve Been and What I’ve Been Doing

Studying abroad was an adventure I knew I wanted to experience before I applied to colleges. I applied to schools with study abroad programs that interested me from the beginning, with the mindset that, my junior year, I’d study internationally.

Children lighting candles during the Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day

Choosing Prague was not a difficult decision for me; it’s beautiful, fairly inexpensive, and central in Europe. I hadn’t heard much about the Czech Republic, or their language, so I knew immersing myself in their culture would take time and patience. Now that my 3 month stay in Prague is over, I’ve reflected on where I’ve been–Munich, Rome, Dublin, London, Nice, Cannes, and Amsterdam.

Memorial sight for Jan Palac and Jan Zajic, who set fire to themselves to protest Communist rule.

A local decorate in Czech national colors to celebrate the Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day

Including what I’ve learned about Czech culture through holidays like The Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day and from my academic classes. I’ve seen so many beautiful places and learned so much about myself traveling throughout Europe. Stepping out of my comfort zone included learning terms in a new language, understanding locals, and being able to immerse yourself in a culture in which I knew nothing.

Czech children admiring memorial candles during the Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day

I genuinely believe I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and truly immersed myself in Prague life and culture. I’ve made friends from all over with whom I got to share some of my most memorable life changing experiences.

Nice, France

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

I’ve learned how to use public transport, how to travel throughout Europe, how to speak basic Czech, and how to understand Prague history through art and architecture. In essence, I’ve learned so much about Europe, European history and art,  myself, my friends and how to better understand another culture.

Rome, Italy

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Overall, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time in Prague, and I’m so thankful that I got the opportunity to explore and learn all about the Czech Republic. Below, I’ve attached photos of a few places I’ve visited and a time where I truly embraced Czech culture.

Bonnie C. is the Fall 2017 MOJO Photographer in Prague, Czech Republic. She is currently a Junior studying Sociology at Chapman University

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