112 Seconds in Paris

Here is one second of 112 days in Paris! 

I know that my time in Paris was the most formative, eye-opening, and jaw-dropping period of my life. But how can I remember it all? I’ve only just returned aux Etats-Unis (to the United States), and I can feel Paris slipping away from me.

I made sure to record one second of video for every single day I spent in Paris (and other cities). I used the app 1SE, short for 1 Second Everyday. I discussed this app and other ways to document time abroad in my post How to Document Your Time Abroad. In thirty years, I’m sure I’ll be thanking myself for this small recollection of how I saw the City of Light. I encourage you to do the same for each day in your life! You won’t regret it.

Dana F. is the Fall 2017 MOJO Photographer in Paris, France. She is currently a junior studying Cinema & Photography at Ithaca College.

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