Intern Spotlight: Abigail Sulik | Paris, Summer 2017

Abigail interned at a children’s media company that focuses on producing digital education material. The firm makes various videos that encourage language learning, address social issues, teach children how to code, etc. Abigail was given several projects for which she edited videos and worked on sound design. She even got to try her hand in character design, and ultimately surprised herself by how well she picked up this new skill. It was important for her designs to reflect the same style and color scheme that the company’s other designs portrayed. A large portion of her work required learning-on-the-job; she taught herself how to use various new tools including Adobe Premiere and Adobe Illustrator. However, Abigail received a lot of support from her supervisor, Vivien. They made to sure meet each day to discuss project details and to share feedback. Looking back on her internship, Abigail said that it was most satisfying and rewarding for to see her finished products come to life.

“Whenever something is up to both of our standards, where we can look at it and go ‘Yeah, that’s good,’ I feel really great about it. So that’s happy!”

In addition to the technical work that Abigail completed, her team really valued her English-speaking background. She edited the English on the company’s official website, and even got to head into a studio to coach a voice actress on her American accent!


Abigail hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she grew up and attended college. She is a recent graduate of Augsburg College, where she studied film and theater. While in school, she felt that she missed out on the study abroad experience, and decided to pursue it post- graduation in the form of a summer internship in Paris.

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