Intern Spotlight: Kristen Kita | Paris, Summer 2017

Meet Kristen, a rising senior at College of Charleston, who took a courageous leap of faith by diving into an international internship in France. Kristen works at a unique start-up, where she makes magic happen as one half of the two-person staff. The firm works to organize and host French film screenings at independent theaters in Paris, complete with English subtitles, so that Anglophones can enjoy movie outings just the same as the French. Currently, the company is focused on screening films from the Cannes Film Festival at the oldest theater in the city, Studio 28. These weekly screenings that take place on Friday evenings, have evolved into a social gathering of people from all over the world.

This internship is particularly unique due to the nature of the company’s small size. From writing articles that are set to be published in a French newspaper, The Local, to planning and managing events, Kristen takes on a lot of responsibility and gets to try her hand in several roles. She even had the chance to visit the Google Youtube headquarters in Paris for a business meeting! In addition to developing a strong professional working relationship with her supervisor, Manon, Kristen has also cultivated a great friendship with her.

“I’ve been so fortunate to build such a great rapport with Manon this summer. I look forward to going into work everyday because no two are alike in such a small company. It really is the best feeling when you become so comfortable and more importantly confident in a foreign work environment.”


Kristen Kita is a Communications major at College of Charleston.

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