Student Spotlight: Alexandra Miller | Paris, Fall 2017

Alexandra Miller has lived in Washington D.C., Tokyo, Manilla, Geneva and Montreal, but studying in Paris was the first time moving was her own decision. Having made the choice to study abroad for a year, Alexandra is focused on living as a local, finding a daily routine and establishing herself in her new city.

She laughs when she describes her dedication to speaking in French every chance she gets. “I’ll just find any opportunity I can to insert myself into a conversation and chat…even just to the front desk person at the gym!”

“Get to know Paris and all of its nooks and crannies. It’s impossible to see it all. Make it your home…don’t close yourself off to any opportunities.”

Over the past few months, Alexandra has gotten to explore her neighborhood on the east side of the city, taking walks along la Coulée Verte and going to the farmers markets. She enjoys the residential feel, greenery and diversity of the buildings and people combined with the bustling streets and cafés. “It’s so different to living on a college campus with only people your age.” Her advice to other students contemplating the shared studio housing option: it’s important to really consider your lifestyle before choosing what’s right for you.

When speaking about her marketing project which required her to interview Starbucks customers in French, Alexandra pauses, “I do a lot of things alone…but it’s made me really appreciate and seek out things that I want to do personally. I’ve definitely gone out of my comfort zone.”


Alexandra Miller is an International Business major at Western Washington University.

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