A Day Trip to Hampton Court Palace

Being the history buff I am, I was very excited for the trip to Hampton Court Palace.  Like the rest of CEA’s excursions, it didn’t disappoint.  Everything from the architecture, design, and murals, to the Renaissance era aesthetic were absolutely mind blowing.  Additionally, learning that the palace was King Henry VIII’s pleasure castle made the experience all the more enjoyable.

In any event, here are some of the best moments/exhibits from the trip:

The Ye Olde Kitchen

One of the fireplaces used to cook meals

No, that fireplace is not a fake recreation.  This was one of the many fireplaces that Henry’s servants used to make meals.  According to our tour guide, formality was so important to him that all of the chefs had to wear suits no matter how unbearably hot it got.  So, I would not have lasted ten seconds.

The English Garden

The Garden of a King

Wandering around the king’s garden

 A monarch’s backyard doesn’t look half bad, huh?  This was the part of the tour where you had to take it all in to fully appreciate it.  The perfectly symmetric trees, paths, grass, and ponds made for a breathtaking sight to see.

The Architecture/Art

A gorgeous mural

Cool designs in the Georgian Exhibit

The aesthetics, attention to detail, and beauty of the designs were all staggering.  The different paintings of King Henry VIII (among other monarchs) and his many wives, the family tree, and many Biblical scenes being standouts.  Whether it was paintings, murals, the exterior/interior designs, the old clothing, statues, or anything in between, the exhibits were all incredible.

Tom K. is a Spring 2018 CEA MOJO Blogger in London, England.  He is currently studying Communication concentrating in Journalism and Media Theory & Production at Western New England University.

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